Wednesday, August 15, 2012

St. Louis Day 3 part 2

After the Anheuser-Busch tour we took the kids to the St. Louis City Museum.  We had been told that the place is awesome.  The people who told us this were not exaggerating.  It was nothing but a giant playplace.  We were there for seven hours and still didn't get to see and do everything.  It was well worth the money and if we would have known how awesome it actually is we would have dedicated an entire day to only this museum.
 The view of the outside area from the parking lot.  All of this stuff is either to climb on or a slide.
 More of the outside area and some of the roof.  Katrina was at the top of the spire at one point and you can pretend to drive the bus.
 Can I order one of these for at home?
 Emmett and Paul on the 3 story slide.
 There's also a small aquarium inside the museum.  This is the kids inside the tunnel that goes through the shark tank.  I like the reflections in this one.
 Hubby and kids on the giant hamster wheel.
 I like this one because they're both actually smiling!!
 Deep sea diver Emmett.  I love his facial expression.
 Deep sea diver Katrina.
The roof....I did not get a good picture of the ferris wheel that's also on the roof.  Or the alternative to taking the elevator back down...a ten story spiral slide.  Need I say more?

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