Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Motorcycle Mama!

After much cajoling by my husband, I decided to try to learn to ride a motorcycle.  It does not come naturally to me.  At all.

Seriously.  At all.

However, I am still trying.  Hopefully I will get my license someday. 

And then I can be a true motorcycle mama.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

My son has ADHD

"My son has ADHD."

I never know what kind of reaction I will get with those words.  Accusatory looks from people who assume I'm a bad parent.  Looks of sympathy from other ADHD moms.  Misplaced advice that starts with "Have you tried.....?"  Yes, we have and no, it didn't work.

I am actually giving them the shortened version because most people don't want to hear it.  But my son has ADHD, OCD, SPD, gross motor delays, and is possibly gifted.

My life is exhausting some days.