Thursday, October 30, 2014

Supernatural: Paper Moon

Supernatural is in it’s 10th season.  This show has been on since my daughter was a baby.  Apparently they’re doing something right….and in this episode it seems like they’re going back to their roots:  saving people, hunting things…the family business.  And I like it.

As much as I’ve enjoyed watching Supernatural over the years, there are certain story lines that I’ve enjoyed less than others.  While I adore Misha Collins, and the angels have given us a lot of good episodes…I really miss the beginnings of the show.  The roots.  Driving around in the Impala, hunting monsters, and eating pie.  Because who doesn’t fantasize about that lifestyle?  And about eating that much pie and not weighing a ton?

(Side note:  Mark Shepherd is awesome too.  How can you be a sci-fi fan and not love that man?)

But Paper Moon brought us back to those roots.  It also gave us a glimpse of the brothers’ old relationship.  Underneath all of the bullshit, they’re still just two brothers looking out for each other.  I miss that too.  Over the past few years their relationship has gotten too complicated.

The question on everyone’s minds, however, is what does this mean for the show?  Is it simply a nod to the show’s roots?  Or are the writer’s purposefully focusing back on the show’s roots?  And if so….is this the beginning of the end?  Because taking the show back to it’s roots would be a nice way to wrap it all up in a little bow, wouldn’t it?

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